Practical Gifts for New Parents

It’s so fun to give super cute gifts when a baby is born, such as a baby blanket, outfit, or a new baby toy… STOP right there! Did you know there are other great ways to show your excitement? New parents are so busy with their new bundle of joy that they don’t want to worry about is what’s for dinner, who is in charge of the laundry, and keeping the house from turning into a huge mess.

New parents honestly need the most help with everyday tasks that can’t be ignored. When friends and family that show their excitement with acts of service or gifting them the appreciation is huge. Gifts for the baby are great too, but it’s extremely nice to have help and one less thing to worry about.  This allows momma to focus on the new little one and healing properly, instead of stressing about how to keep a family fed and the house in order.

5 Ideas to Give a Gift of  “Time” to New Parents

Meal Planning

This is probably the most important one. A new mom (and her family) need to eat; she needs to be nourished to have the energy to keep going.

Meal planning and cooking is a hard task for someone who is already spread thin. Putting together a meal, or several, for the new family will truly be a blessing. There are tons of different freezer meal recipes available online, which are amazing. They just need to be thawed and heated up in a Crockpot or tossed in the oven. Restaurant gift cards are also another amazing way to help feed the new family. They can have a delicious meal delivered right to their door.

Family-friendly freezer meals –

You can even organize a meal train, involving others who also want to help feed the family. There are some great online resources to help you with this.

Meal Train –

Take Them a Meal –

Cleaning Service

Trying to create a new schedule and routine when a new baby arrives is exhausting! Not to mention the lack of sleep. Cleaning is one of the last things on the list and new parents don’t have the energy or drive to pull out the cleaning supplies and scrub that toilet.

By purchasing a cleaning service for the new parents, you will be gifting them a clean home. Most services offer different packages. You can decide what fits your budget, but once a week for 4 weeks would be a godsend to any new parent. Heck, even just one deep clean would be amazing. Or if you are the cleaning type, you can even come over and do the cleaning and a few loads of laundry, unload the dishwasher or vacuum while the new parents enjoy some much-needed rest.

Quick Pick Ups

Before heading out to the grocery store or Target call your new mom friend and see if she needs anything. Even if she says no, the gesture means so much, and don’t give up, eventually she will take you up on your offer.

Go ahead and just pick up a couple of things anyway. Pick up some of her favorite snacks anyways and surprise her.  These will be easy to grab when she is need of a quick snack.

Help with Pets

Offering to take the dog on a quick walk, toss the ball for him, clean the litter box, or even offer to pet sit for a few days so the family has one less member to worry about.  Pets are wonderful but when new parents are devoting all their attention to a new little one, they can feel left out so by offering to help out and give their furry member some extra attention can make a huge difference. It can even lift some of that guilt the new parents might have by not giving their pets the attention they are used to. 

Babysit (the older kids)

If this isn’t their first baby dividing attention to older siblings is always difficult. You can offer to babysit older children or arranging a playdate. This will give the older siblings some special time away. You can take them to the park or even get some ice cream. They can be the center of attention or a brief time. This can help them feel special and important while having some fun away from home.

Hopefully, these unique gift ideas are helpful, as a gift giver, or even a receiver (it’s ok to ask for any of these). A new addition to your family is a huge blessing, but it is also a stressful time. These gift ideas are supposed to help ease the transition, stress, and also offer more “time” bonding with a new little one.