Handmade Grandparent Christmas Gifts

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year. It’s extra important that you instill the values you would like for your children from a young age. Yes, it’s wonderful to get gifts, but teaching them about giving right from the start will stick with them as they grow. A simple way to do this is by having them make something special for their grandparents. Feel free to still gift other things as well, these handmade gifts can be an extra little something just from your kiddos to their grandparents. Need a little help coming up with what to make? We put together a little list of adorable yet simple crafts they can make.

Paint something: Okay this sounds vague, I know. I am referring to taking your kiddo to one of those neat little places that seem to be popping up all over. You go in and pick your piece, they have everything from mugs and plates to little statues. Then your kiddo can paint it however they desire. Once it’s all painted the place fires it and it turns into a one of a kind piece! Oh, and
guess what is extra amazing about this option… It’s all done somewhere besides your house, so no cleanup!!

Blank Canvas: This is so fun and turns out really cute! Go to a craft store and get some blank canvas and paints. They can choose to do it fingerpaint style or use a brush.

Ornaments: There are endless options with making ornaments for grandparents. Pinterest is a huge help with this one. Just simply type “DIY children’s ornaments” in the search engine and scroll through the endless possibilities that pop up! Want to take an even easier route? Any craft store around has prepackaged ornament makings kits that include everything you need!

Picture Frames: You can use any kind of frame for this. Just remove the glass, let your kiddos go to town painting the frame, then put the glass and a photo of them in it and… done!

All grandparents are sure to cherish a specially made with love gift from their grandkids. Each of these projects are pretty simple and kids of all ages can do them with a little guidance. Also, if you are looking for some fun Christmas crafts to do as well this season check out our “5 Kid Friendly Christmas Crafts” blog.