Exciting news!!

When Angelynn and I started on our photography journey a few years ago, we photographed anything/everything we could get our hands on.  We thought that in order to be successful, we needed to be everything to everybody.  The majority of our work was family photography, and we only occasionally had a newborn session.

It wasn’t until a good friend of mine Brittany (Britttany Lynn Handmade)  had her first son that we realized newborns were our true calling.  We decided that instead of trying to be good at everything, we would focus on becoming GREAT at what we loved…maternity and babies!


Workshop after workshop, an AMAZING mentorship with Laura Brett Photography, and countless photography classes, we learned from the best!  Our maternity/newborn business exploded, and we slowly refrained from booking anything else.

We have been extremely blessed in our business, and truly love what we do.  There’s only one problem… we miss our families!  While the first year is amazing, filled with sessions every few months where we are able to catch up, check in, etc.  the following months everyone “disappears” until baby #2 (or 3 or 4) come along!  We still managed to fit in a few every year, but it just wasn’t the same.  We miss you!!

We thought long and hard about getting back into family photography, but we just didn’t think we could find adequate time.  So……we did the next best thing!  We found an AMAZING photographer Ashlee Vallett of Ashlee V Photography to partner up with!  Not only are her photos stunning, her work ethic, customer service, and quality are perfectly in line with ours! (and it doesn’t hurt that she’s the sweetest person EVER!)

What does this mean for YOU?  Simple!!  Edwards Photography Studios can now be your “one stop shop” when it comes to photography!  And I don’t mean in the “we shoot everything, but we’re not really great at anything” kind of way.  I mean in the “you now get a photographer who actually SPECIALIZES in their field of photography” from maternity on up!  How amazing is THAT?!?!?

We are going to partner up to run special family sessions EXCLUSIVE to our EPS families, put together some great packages, and double the excitement with fantastic giveaways!

This has been a long time coming, but we wanted to be sure we found the “right” person for us and you!  We wanted to know that the families we love so much were in the very best hands!  Let me just say, we have never been more confident in a decision!

Please welcome Ashlee to our EPS family!  You will absolutely adore her!!!  (Stay tuned for our first exciting giveaway!!)

Here’s just a taste of her work….