Elf on The Shelf Help!

It’s that time of year, can you believe it? November is almost over and that means many houses with little ones will be having a special visitor show up very soon. That’s right, Elf on The Shelf! This little guy sure has made a BIG name for himself over the past few years.

He really is a great tradition to welcome, he brings fun and excitement, along with the occasional mischief to the Christmas season. Each and every night he travels back to the North Pole to report to Santa about how each kid in the house has behaved during the day. Then when he returns back to the house he sets himself up in a fun, creative, sometimes silly way.

Okay, okay, the secret is out (for adults)! The Elf needs a little help from you (Mom or Dad) to get back from the North Pole and into position! This can become a daunting task considering the Elf comes to town on December 1st(for some houses even sooner) and stays until Christmas! That is a lot of nights that he needs to be placed just right to bring excitement in the morning when the kids are looking to see what he’s doing… and heaven forbid your Elf is ever doing the same thing twice!! No worries we have you covered this year with a helpful little sheet of ideas.