Double the Trouble but Double the Joy



   “Double the Trouble” they say with Glee,

“Oh What a Nightmare, better You than Me!”

Through Gritted Teeth I Smile, and Listen so Politely,

to how So and So’s Wife’s Friend had Twins,

and what a Handful they can be.


My Twins aren’t Always Angels, Sometimes Life may be Hard,

but Really I Pity them for seeming so Faint of Heart.

For how can you look at those Rosy Cheeks and Eyes that Gleam,

and Mistake a Nightmare for a Wondrous Dream.


If One Child’s a Miracle, a Blessing, a Joy,

Then Two’s Doubly Blessed – Especially if are both Boys!

I’m Really So Lucky,

Precious Firsts I see Twice,

Despite the Messes and sometimes Sleepless Nights.


Yes, My Hands are Full, but Full with Cuddly Balls of Fun,

who will always have a Friend with whom to Laugh, Skip and Run.

My Heart is Over Flowing, even when my Patience runs Thin,

and I Thank my Lucky Stars each Day to be the Mother of Twins!

  ~Author Unknown