Did Somebody Say Cake Smash?

It’s no secret that the best part of any birthday is the cake. Seeing your sweet little one covered head to toe in yummy cake also makes for some super cute photos.

A smash cake is an adorable way to help your little one celebrate their first year. Even better, you can have it documented through a CAKE SMASH Photo Session. When your little one turns ONE, what better way to commemorate the milestone, than by letting them make a complete mess and having some seriously adorable pictures taken!?

Smash cakes are not only a great way to see your little one have an amazing first birthday but they will also grow through sensory play. Sensory play is learning through the senses and is essential for early fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also gives your little one free reign to explore different textures during unstructured play.

To begin your session we will start out with some regular photos in their special outfit or even their birthday suit before the real fun begins. After the regular photos are complete, it will be time to get the party started.

Who is ready for CAKE!?

Selecting the right cake can make all the difference during your cake smash session.  Here are a couple tips about what type of cake works best.

  • Buttercream or whipped cream frosting

The soft frosting is easier for little hands to squeeze, mash, and obviously EAT!

  • Bright colors

Using bright colors, sprinkles, or a favorite character can capture your little ones attention and draw them closer to investigate.

**Pro Tip**

Bringing your little ones favorite snack along can be a lifesaver. If they just aren’t interested in the cake at first, hiding their go-to snack behind the cake can often encourage them to check it out. Once they get close to the colorful cake its hard to resist getting a little messy.

Now that your little one is covered head to toe with cake and frosting their one big mess. What now? Let the fun continue with a BUBBLE BATH! Don’t worry, we will take some additional pictures of the cleanup, so you will have even more pictures to ooh and aah over as you look back on your babies first year.

Capturing this moment will be something you will cherish for years to come. CAKE SMASH Photo Sessions have become one of my favorite projects. Being a part of your little one’s special day is such an honor.