Boy or Girl! Super Cute Gender Reveals!

Pink or Blue?? Gender reveal parties are all the rage these days and you’d be amazed by some of the clever reveal ideas.  If you are expecting and looking for a fun and creative way to tell friends and family the gender, you would love hosting a gender reveal party. Here are my top 5 favorite reveals.

Jumbo Confetti Balloon!

A jumbo balloon is a great way to announce the gender of your little one. You can surprise guests with a pop of pink or blue confetti. This is a great reveal that is budget friendly. You can manually blow up the balloon yourself and hang from the ceiling or tree branch with twine or have it filled with helium at a local party store. It makes for an enjoyable way to announce, without breaking the bank.

Canvas Painting!

This is another fun idea that will result in babies first piece of art to decorate their room. You will need a canvas (whatever size works for your space), 8 black balloons, 2 or 3 different shades of pink or blue acrylic paint, tacks (to hold the balloons in place), a few darts. If you want to be surprised too, you will need and a trusted friend, to purchase the paint and fill the balloons.

Box of Balloons!

For this fun reveal all you need is a large box, decorated to taste, and a bunch of pink or blue helium balloons. Stuff the box or have a friend and then open the box together. It’s such a fun and surprising way to discover the gender.


Belly painting!

This one is simple but cute. Plus you will have a keepsake that you can wear for the remainder of your pregnancy or even frame it for some fun decorations in the nursery. All you need is pink or blue paint and a solid white top. If you and your partner are also being surprised you will need blindfolds for the both of you and friend that can paint your partner’s hands. Once they are painted he will need to place his hand on that adorable bump. Remove the blindfolds and the lift the painted hands to reveal the gender. It’s as simple as that, but tons of fun.

You may have seen a theme amongst my favorites… You can’t go wrong with balloons and paint, but if that’s not your thing, here is a TASTY alternative.

Cake Reveal!

This is a bit more complex and will be up in cost a little, but a great memory and tasty treat to share with guests. For this, you will need to find a bakery and pick the right cake. Be clear as to what you want, so you won’t be disappointed. There are so many options, colored cake, or filled cake to name a few. If you are want to be surprised too, you will need to have the ultrasound tech write the gender down and place it in an envelope. DON’T PEEK, this will so hard but remember, there will be cake!! Give the envelope to the bakery and be surprised when you cut into that cake.


For any of these reveals, you might even consider having a professional photographer present to help capture the special moment. Just think of the cuteness and candid photos that will be caught. I would love to chat about capturing your special moment, click here to contact me now! I hope one of these sparked your interest and will offer you another great memory of your little one at your gender reveal.