What a Great Session! Baby Bayla could not have been more Cooperative nor more Beautiful. Her Sweet Face and all that Gorgeous Dark Hair made every Prop and Background look even more Amazing! Not to mention she was a GREAT sleeper so doing multiple Poses was a Snap! Beautiful!


Wrap by Little Ewe Props





What a Sweet and Adorable Baby Girl! She had the Most Precious Itty Bitty Hands and Feet, plus those Amazing Brown Eyes and all the Dark Hair, too Perfect! Big Brother Elijah was a little apprehensive about holding his tiny sister at first, but once we put her in his arms, he couldn’t help but smile and enjoy it!


Wraps by Freebird Prop Shoppe and Manly and Pretty Little Things

Gorgeous Headbands by Love is Props, Lela’s, and Manly and Pretty Little Things




   It always seems that around this time of year, the spot light on our families and all the blessings we have received shines brighter than ever, and what blessing is better than the birth of your child! Despite the craziness of everyday life, the busy holidays, and stress in general, things like this always remind to to take a breath, try to slow down, and remember to be grateful for all the amazing things life has to offer! Happy Holidays to everyone and Welcome to the World River! Enjoy your First Christmas!

Wraps by Little Ewe Props and Freebird Prop Shoppe

Posing Pod Chair by Little Prop.com Posing Pod







What a Breath-Taking Baby Boy! Photographing this Little Guy was an Absolute Pleasure! Aside from his Precious Expressions and Amazing Dark Hair, his  Sweet Demeanor made this Session even more Enjoyable. What a Handsome Little Boy, and Congratulations to the Proud Parents on your Early Christmas Gift!

Wraps by Little Ewe Props








   “Double the Trouble” they say with Glee,

“Oh What a Nightmare, better You than Me!”

Through Gritted Teeth I Smile, and Listen so Politely,

to how So and So’s Wife’s Friend had Twins,

and what a Handful they can be.


My Twins aren’t Always Angels, Sometimes Life may be Hard,

but Really I Pity them for seeming so Faint of Heart.

For how can you look at those Rosy Cheeks and Eyes that Gleam,

and Mistake a Nightmare for a Wondrous Dream.


If One Child’s a Miracle, a Blessing, a Joy,

Then Two’s Doubly Blessed – Especially if are both Boys!

I’m Really So Lucky,

Precious Firsts I see Twice,

Despite the Messes and sometimes Sleepless Nights.


Yes, My Hands are Full, but Full with Cuddly Balls of Fun,

who will always have a Friend with whom to Laugh, Skip and Run.

My Heart is Over Flowing, even when my Patience runs Thin,

and I Thank my Lucky Stars each Day to be the Mother of Twins!

  ~Author Unknown



    In March of 2015 when we announced the launch of Starfish Infertility Foundation (Starfish Infertility Foundation – A Dream Finally Realized ) I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing or how I was going to do it! So unfamiliar in the territory of non profits that I actually announced the launch before I had received my 501c3. Why? Because why WOULDN’T I receive it?!?!? Haha! That IRS machine can be a fickle little beast! Long story short, we received our official letter in October of 2015 and gave our 1st grant short thereafter to Casey and Tracey Hightower. (Meet Tracey and Casey Hightower)

News followed of Tracey’s pregnancy and by October we were all anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little miracle boy Duncan. (Our First Starfish Baby!)
And then…..then he was here! This gorgeous little hunk of chunk that put a face to why I was doing what I was doing. Believe it or not, this little boy finally showed me why I went through the years of struggle to conceive. It was for him, and hopefully so many more after him!



    Duncan’s mommy and daddy have been SO wonderful to me since this little boy arrived!  I was able to be there for his very first bath (Sweet Baby Duncan gets his First Bath) and I have absolutely LOVED watching this little guy (and all of his personality) grow!



So here we are…. a year later.  How is that possible?!?!?



Nothing calls for a celebration like a one-year photo shoot!  So we did it right!!



Of course there was cake…..Duncan had NO problem digging in and enjoying it!



And what’s better to clean up a boy covered in cake and whipped cream???  A bath of course!!




 Happy Birthday little man!  You are so very loved by so many people, and I am happy and humbled to be one of them!!



If you, or someone you know is looking for infertility support, please don’t hesitate to reach out!  If you are looking for an amazing non profit to support this holiday season, please visit Starfish Infertility Foundation.  Your donations are 100% tax deductible!






If you can’t already tell from that Adorable Face, Miss Blair was one of the Sweetest Girls I’ve ever had the Pleasure of Photographing. Her Precious Poses and Poised Demeanor made this Session a Breeze, and can I just point out how Amazing the Shot of her on her Daddy’s Wake-board came out! This Little Lady is all about the relaxed Lake Life for Sure!


Sweet Tiebacks by The Ants go Marching








Such a Sweet and Happy Girl! Nothing is more Special than Celebrating your Child’s First Year, and as you can clearly tell from these photos, Maggie is VERY excited about her Accomplishment (Not to Mention Gorgeous!).  After being lucky enough to have the Pleasure of Photographing her as a Newborn, I can’t believe how quickly this Little Lady is Growing Up and what a Beautiful Girls she is Becoming! Congratulations to both Maggie and her Proud Parents on this Amazing Milestone!


Gorgeous White Dress by Persnickety Clothing

Sweet White Tieback by Twine and Lace








What’s better after a Cake Smash than some Warm and Bubbly Suds! It’s the Perfect way to keep the Fun going, and the Only thing Better than the Bubbles were the Awesome (and quite Large) Rubber Duckys! What a Great way to Cap off an Amazing First Year!






Not only was Baby Ellison such a Sweet and Cute little Girl, but Ellsion’s big brother Owen was Absolutely Amazing! I don’t know which was Sweeter, her Precious little Face or all the Sweet Cuddles and Kisses her Big Brother kept giving her during their Session. Either way, Jason and Meagan are two of the Luckiest People I know to have been blessed with this Amazing Family!






Nittaya and Peter are Among some of the Nicest People I’ve had the Pleasure of working with. After having done a Session for their Daughter as a Baby, naturally I jumped at the Opportunity to Work with this Couple Again! And their Newest Little Bundle did not Disappoint! He was so Sweet and Cuddly, and all that Gorgeous Dark Hair….AMAZING! What a Great Session and Congratulations to the Family on the new addition of a Baby Brother!







Being a Mom to 2 Energetic Boys is no small task, yet Annie somehow powers through and then still decided to take on a 3rd! Whew! Lucky for her Baby Ezekiel and a little Dream and his two Older Brothers were amazingly Well Behaved and Mindful….at least in our presence anyway! What a Loving and Lucky Family, Congratulations to the New Proud Parents and the Awesome Big Brothers I’m sure Ezekiel can’t wait to get to know and will definitely learn a lot from!


Baby Ezekiel’s Soft and Cozy Wraps by Little Ewe Props








Baby Elle was Perfect as could be, especially with with that Precious Angel Face and Sweet Demeanor, that could only to be matched by her Adorable Big Brothers! But don’t let their Cute Cherub Faces and Innocent Smiles fool you! Behind the Scenes Carter and Christian had us all cracking up with their Hilarious Antics! What a Great and Entertaining Session!


Headband by Pretty Luxe Designs

Wraps by Little Ewe










One reason I absolutely LOVE Milestone Sessions is because your Baby changes SO much during their First Year of Life. From being a Newborn, to reaching the 6 Month mark, and even upon reaching their First Birthday, He/She is Growing and Changing every single day. These Moments and Stagess are a Once in a Lifetime Experience for you Child, and something that can never be recaptured or replaced. That’s why it’s my Privilege and Pleasure to capture all the amazing ways your Little One grows over their very First Year of Life!



In my former life as the Entertainment Manager at the Wildhorse Saloon in downtown Nashville, TN I crossed paths with my share of singers, musicians, roadies, etc.  Some were wonderful to work with, and others….well let’s just say it was wonderful to see the door close behind them on their way out…. but that’s another story.

Holland was one of the good guys (gals) in the biz, and still is!  Her energy on stage with Whiskey, Cash, and Roses is rivaled only by her personality off.  She is sweet to the core, mixed with a bit of sass, which I love!

Marrying Jared made life a bit more special as it brought along with it bonus daughter Rosie, who tenderly refers to her as Momma HaHa.  When news came they were expanding their family, I could hardly wait!  I swear it seemed as if Holland might be pregnant forEVER (pretty sure they felt the same!) but alas perfect little Graceland was born at TriStar Summit!  (Side note** How ADORABLE is the name Graceland????)  Being there with Ashlee Vallett of Ashlee V Photography to capture some of those first snuggles and Rosie’s sweet words and kisses as she met her new baby sister was incredible.  I know these first few days will end up being a blur, so I am honored Ashlee and I can provide this perfect little family amazing memories to relive whenever they want!


Please enjoy this little glimpse into their session.


For more information on our Fresh 48 photo/video packages email info@epsbaby.com or click here.




I don’t know you, but I adore you.  (even more than I already did.)

As an avid fan of The Big Bang Theory, even 10-year-old reruns, I’ve always loved your Bernadette character.  Your spunk, sass, and just overall hystericalness (that’s a word, right?) has always made me laugh.

But now?  Now I just adore and respect you on a whole new level.  First of all, with 1 in 8 couples suffering through infertility issues (Resolve.org) the bravery and courage you have shown by using your voice to open up about your struggles is nothing short of heroic.  So many of us have walked the path of infertility and know first hand what it’s like.  (my story) Though all of our paths are different (my IVF mafia) they are all very much the same in so many ways.  The resentment towards a body that won’t simply do what it’s meant to do.  The pings of jealousy towards others experiencing pregnancy joy (immediately followed by self loathing guilt for even possessing such “selfish” thoughts) the pain of loss, etc.

For those who DO experience pregnancy, there is the constant struggle to simply enjoy the beautiful gift growing within because of the fear that taking too deep of a breath, too long of a walk, or too hot of a shower will bring about a wave of destruction and collapse the shell of a “happily ever after” dream that you have let creep into your mind.

So THANK YOU Melissa.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart (and thousands of others I’m sure) for having the gracefulness to share such an intimate part of your life with us all. The loneliness and heartbreak I felt during my struggles wouldn’t be wished on anyone.   Your voice helping to “open a conversation” or “close the mouth” of a well intentioned friend/family member is so very powerful.

I pray you find peace, joy and fulfillment, and that you are able to savor this journey to your little one!





Kara Edwards is a photographer based in Nashville, TN specializing in maternity and newborn photography.  After her own 4 year struggle with infertility, she (along with her husband) founded the Starfish Infertility Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to providing financial support for those struggling with infertility in the U.S.  Founded in 2015, the foundation awards two grants annually to individuals and couples who do not have infertility provisions through their insurance to help fulfill their dream of having a family. Starfish is the only organization in Tennessee that awards grants for infertility treatment. Visit the website to learn more, donate or apply for a grant.




I Absolutely Love Collages of all the Adorable and Unique Parts that a Newborn Baby Possesses. From the Ten Tiny Fingers to the Sweet Little Ears, Everything about a Brand New Baby is so Precious (except maybe the Sleepless Nights, but Luckily we don’t have to document those!), and Baby Thomas is no Exception. The only thing that could possibly make this Spread any Cuter would be an Adorable Stuffed Bear…oh wait, got that too! Congrats to the Proud Parents on the Birth of their Perfect Baby Boy!


Baby Thomas’s Wraps by Little Ewe Props






I’ve had the Honor of Photographing this Little Angel a few times now, and each time is an Absolute Pleasure.  Of Course that Gorgeous Face, Sweet Disposition, and Adorable Dress doesn’t hurt either! What an Awesome Session to go with an Awesome Girl!







This Little Guy could not have been more Cuddly or Adorable! He looked so Cute in just about every Photo I Snapped, and that Sweet Little Face while holding the Stuffed Bear….too Precious! Congrats to the Lucky Parents on the Birth of this Perfect Baby Boy!

Baby Graham’s Wraps by Little Ewe Props








What could possibly be any Sweeter than an Adorable Baby in a Box…… an Adorable Baby in a Box wearing possibly the Cutest array of Animal hats I’ve ever Seen! Not only was this Lil Guy a Dream to Shoot, these Props could not be any more Precious!