Baby Graceland | Nashville Tennessee Fresh 48 session

In my former life as the Entertainment Manager at the Wildhorse Saloon in downtown Nashville, TN I crossed paths with my share of singers, musicians, roadies, etc.  Some were wonderful to work with, and others….well let’s just say it was wonderful to see the door close behind them on their way out…. but that’s another story.

Holland was one of the good guys (gals) in the biz, and still is!  Her energy on stage with Whiskey, Cash, and Roses is rivaled only by her personality off.  She is sweet to the core, mixed with a bit of sass, which I love!

Marrying Jared made life a bit more special as it brought along with it bonus daughter Rosie, who tenderly refers to her as Momma HaHa.  When news came they were expanding their family, I could hardly wait!  I swear it seemed as if Holland might be pregnant forEVER (pretty sure they felt the same!) but alas perfect little Graceland was born at TriStar Summit!  (Side note** How ADORABLE is the name Graceland????)  Being there with Ashlee Vallett of Ashlee V Photography to capture some of those first snuggles and Rosie’s sweet words and kisses as she met her new baby sister was incredible.  I know these first few days will end up being a blur, so I am honored Ashlee and I can provide this perfect little family amazing memories to relive whenever they want!


Please enjoy this little glimpse into their session.


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