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    Imagine when it first happens; you see your newborn baby’s tiny, delicate hand wrap around your finger. In that instant, you feel complete as a parent. There’s a piece of your life that cannot be reshaped, replaced, or replicated in any way. Forget the dirty diapers and tired nights. That split second, as every thought in your head erupts with joy, is a display of how wondrous parenthood is.

    Allow me to immortalize that moment, capturing the memory to relive time and time again for years to come. As your precious bundle grows along with your experience as a parent, give yourself the opportunity to return to that place where it all began.

    You see, my husband and I battled infertility for years. But as soon as we welcomed our beautiful twins into the world, the struggle and agony washed away and I knew I needed help as many parents as possible in cementing the instant when their dreams came true as well. Not only am I excited when a new parent comes to me, entrusting me to capture these valued moments; I am deeply humbled to experience them alongside you.

    My services offered range from fine art maternity sessions, home sessions, and Fresh 48 in both photography and videography.

    A wealthy photographer can afford the best gear money can buy.

    A studied photography can apply every rule of optics to create a statistically perfect picture.

    But an artist with an intimate parental insight can turn a subject into a masterpiece. My own infertility struggles have enabled me to be able to evoke the bliss of childbirth, the joy of parenthood, and the soul of a family in a way that no one else can.